Aesthetic Reality

You can’t have it all. There’s always one or two things that are inaccessible. That’s the Law of Earth. Presumably, it makes you think it’s unfair. But life is not a fairytale. It’s an aesthetic reality. 


Sometimes, all the progress we have made seems to be pointless, wasted, and irrelevant. After reaching a peak performance, there’s always a retrogression where the past keeps hunting us and insists to pull us down regardless of how much we worked hard to push ourselves up. It turned out that time doesn’t heal what’s impossible to get cured from; it’s just that we get used to the way things are.

Future Selves

Persistence, dedication and unremitting self-motivation are three things that propel us to move forward and never look back unless it’s for the sake of criticizing our old selves and bettering our new and future selves.